DJAA Snapshots

DJAA’s Breed Snapshots III provides a thumbnail review of the Breed Standard for every fully recognized AKC breed. The 175 page book is in full compliance with all AKC Breed Standards as of October 1, 2016.

Snapshots is intended as a quick reference for judges prior to judging Junior Showmanship, Group and Best in Show, and should be useful to all judges who wish to perform a quick review of any breed’s Standard.

Annual updates of Snapshots includes a review of breeds newly recognized for regular conformation classes as well as Breed Standards that have been changed during the prior year.

DJAA Breed Snapshots III will be a valuable addition to the library of anyone seriously interested in evaluating dogs. Purchase yours, postage paid, today.

A binder for your Snapshots pages.


Snapshots is only $35 postage paid in the US. The binder is an additional $5.00.
They will also be available to be picked up at any DJAA event.

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Snapshots Updates

Snapshots information is kept up to date and you can download updates here.


For additional information contact Linda Clark,


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