Snapshots II Updates

Print off each update, cut to correct size and insert in your copy of the Snapshots. Some may only have instructions to make a small change to the breed snapshot.


Sporting Group Last Update Type
Lagotto Romangnolo 07/01/2015  New
Wirehaired Vizsla 08/12/2014  New
Hound Group Last Update  Type
Cirneco dell’Etna 01/01/2015  New
Petite Basset Griffon Vendéen 03/29/2016  Correction
Portuguese Podengo Pequeno 12/27/2012  New
Saluki 08/16/2011  Correction
Sloughi 12/26/2015  New
Treeing Walker Coonhound 12/20/2011  New
Working Group  Last Update  Type
Black Russian Terrier 08/31/2011  Correction
Boerboel 01/01/2015  New
Chinook 12/27/2012  New
Leonberger 08/31/2016  New
Neapolitan Mastiff 09/11/2012  Correction
Tibetan Mastiff 08/28/2013  Correction
Terrier Group  Last Update  Type
American Hairless Terrier 12/26/2015  New
Miniature Schnauzer 09/04/2012  New
Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier 09/30/2011  Correction
Rat Terrier 07/01/2013  New
Russell Terrier 06/15/2012  New
Toy Group  Last Update  Type
Havanese 09/27/2011  New
Japanese Chin 11/09/2011  Correction
Pomeranian 09/27/2011  New
Non-Sporting Group  Last Update  Type
Bulldog 08/31/2016  New
Coton De Tulear 05/17/2014  New
Finnish Spitz 02/25/2015  Correction
Norwegian Lundehund 04/09/2016  Correction
Herding Group  Last Update  Type
Bergamasco 01/01/2015  New
Berger Picard 07/01/2015  New
Border Collie 07/01/2015  New
Canaan Dog 06/27/2012  New
Miniature American Shepherd 07/01/2015  New
Pumi 05/18/2016  New
Spanish Water Dog 01/01/2015  New
Miscellaneous  Last Update  Type


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